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09 December 2015

Utopia: a TV Series that you will love

And now, let’s talk about TV series. If you ask anyone: “What’s your favorite series?”, surely you will get answers like Lost, Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad.

Well, we like very much another one TV series. It’s called Utopia, and probably you don’t know it (yet!).

Aired in English and only in UK, and composed only by two seasons (12 episodes in total), Utopia is a mix of politically-incorrect macabre comedy.

The series ask to us: how to survive to food shortages, caused by too rapid population growth? We leave you imagine the solutions that the characters in Utopia will find…

A suggestion? Watch it as soon as possible! You will also love the soundtrack, sick and brilliant, made by the composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer

Nord Dakota // Nostalgic Strings
  1. Nord Dakota // Nostalgic Strings
  2. Nostalgia // Nostalgic Strings
  3. Spring Is Coming // Nostalgic Strings
  4. Nancy // Toasting Tobacco
  5. The Show // Toasting Tobacco
  6. Adriatic Sea // Nostalgic Strings
  7. Fat White Animal // Toasting Tobacco
  8. New In town // Toasting Tobacco
  9. Another Drink // Toasting Tobacco
  10. Fable // Young Notes
  11. Paris // Catwalk
  12. Toy Soldier // Young Notes