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05 October 2016

Suicide Squad soundtrack goes gold: another record for the bad guys

Suicide Squad soundtrack goes gold and gets another point.

Even if the movie hasn’t been so appreciated by film critics, the box-office collected more than $720 million worldwide and now the musical choices have been celebrated becoming the most sold in 2016 with more than 500.000 copies.

Suicide Squad: The Album presents a cross-generational and multi-genre music mix, putting together artists such as Twenty One Pilots, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Skrillex, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Skylar Grey among the others.

“We were fortunate to spend a lot of time with the director of the film, David Ayer”, said Kevin Weaver, Atlantic Records president of Film & TV, celebrating the soundtrack success, “Being able to tap into such a wide range of artists, give them assignments, show them footage and connect them into David was a really interesting way to go about the development of the music”.

Rumors are already talking about an hypothetic Suicide Squad sequel; we can hope for it, even just to listen to some good music…

Adriatic Sea // Nostalgic Strings
  1. Adriatic Sea // Nostalgic Strings
  2. Nord Dakota // Nostalgic Strings
  3. Nostalgia // Nostalgic Strings
  4. Spring Is Coming // Nostalgic Strings
  5. Mi Corazòn Es Tuyo // Saludos Desde La Habana
  6. Fiesta Grande // Saludos Desde La Habana
  7. Que Bonita // Saludos Desde La Habana
  8. Fidel // Saludos Desde La Habana
  9. Nancy // Toasting Tobacco
  10. The Show // Toasting Tobacco
  11. Another Drink // Toasting Tobacco
  12. Fat White Animal // Toasting Tobacco