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27 October 2015

Panasonic 3D Camcorder… not a bad choice!

3D is the New Black!

The HDC-SDT750 can give you amazing 3d images with a super quality… just like in the Hollywood Movies! This is not a standard Camcorder: there are a lot of different functions (for example the 3MOS System or the Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization) and this is just the best model to work on great productions… in 3D quality!

Nord Dakota // Nostalgic Strings
  1. Nord Dakota // Nostalgic Strings
  2. Nostalgia // Nostalgic Strings
  3. Spring Is Coming // Nostalgic Strings
  4. Nancy // Toasting Tobacco
  5. The Show // Toasting Tobacco
  6. Adriatic Sea // Nostalgic Strings
  7. Fat White Animal // Toasting Tobacco
  8. New In town // Toasting Tobacco
  9. Another Drink // Toasting Tobacco
  10. Fable // Young Notes
  11. Paris // Catwalk
  12. Toy Soldier // Young Notes