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27 June 2016
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Kickstarter helps Videomakers: CRADLE is a good example

Kickstarter helps Videomakers: that’s the point! Let’s see how it works, talking about a cool case study. Cradle will be an animated short film, around 12 minuets, whitch focused on a young army veteran’s struggle to move on, after losing both his arms in Iraq. Devon Manney, a young talented videomaker, hopes to achieve his goal of 6000 $ on a Kickstarter campain to finally produce his idea.

Cradle is a story that will provoke thought and interesting discussions about limb pain, societal attitudes towards amputees and war veterans. It is a story of a young family coming together in the aftermath of tragedy, overcoming all obstacles.

Reaching the sum of $ 6,000 on kickstarter , Devon will be able to hire a creative personnel to bring to light this very promising project, including a team of colorist and designer to help bring the visuals to life and a team of composers and sound designer to underscore the picture. In addition to supporting the production of Cradle, backers on kickstartel will also be treated to some cool rewards made by Devon, including signed posters and art prints, custom digital caricarures, or even being animated as a character in the film and more interesting stuff.

By helping Cradle on Kickstarter, Devon will be able to to take visuals on a very good and really high level, without compromising the storytelling. So why don’t give him a chanche? Help Cradle on kickstarter!

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