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14 February 2017

Grammy Awards 2017: it’s Adele’s time… again!

Grammy awards 2017 – What a night for Adele that goes home with 5 prizes! Good shots for Chance the Rapper and Drake, too; but a special mention is dedicated to David Bowie, the White Duke, honoured with 5 posthumous awards.

The 59th is an historical edition, that’s for sure: for the first time an artist wins in three of the most important categories for the second year. It’s Adele, way to become the one you don’t want to compete with: 29 years, 15 Grammy in her short but incredible career.

And this time it’s Beyonce the one who has to pay: 8 nomination for her and just one award (the one for Best Urban Contemporary Album). Too bad for her, the opponent wasn’t stoppable! Five nominations for Adele, five wins: Album of the Year (25), Song of the Year (Hello), Record of the Year (Hello), Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Solo Performance.

Even more surprising was what the same Adele told after receiving the prize for Best Album: “I can’t possibly accept this award”, said the artist, looking at her friend Beyonce. “the Lemonade album was just so monumental”. Something really hard to find these days!


… but let’s move on: there would be so much to say about Grammy Awards!

Another artist that has to be proud of the night is surely Chance the Rapper: Best Rap Album (Coloring Book), Best Rap Performance (No Problem, featuring Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz)  and Best New Artist; we’re gonne hear about this guy, that’s sure.

David Bowie’s memory has surely been well honoured: five prizes for him too, such as Best Rock Song (Blackstar) and Best Engineered Album (Blackstar).

Something goes to Drake too: Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance (both with Hotline Bling).

Here you can find a complete list of all the winners of this Grammy Edition!

And what about the performances? Well, you could write a book, that’s sure!

Incredible performance for Lady Gaga: her featuring with Metallica has proven that she’s definitively becoming a complete and incredibly resourceful artist, able to fit with every kind of genre.

Another righteous word about the true queen of the stage was, ironically the big “loser” of the night: Beyonce, that has conquered everyone whith her long, symbolic and fascinating show.

Last but not least – again – Adele! What a crazy night for her! Winning five Grammy Awards wasn’t enough! She took this strange choice to stop mid-song during her George Micheal tribute… and start over. Something really curious, that she somehow explained: “I f–ked up, I can’t do it like last year”, she said reffering to her Grammy 2016 performance.

… just to put some more spice to the show!


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