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04 February 2017

Frozen time, frozen video! Tips for videomaking in winter

Frozen times, frozen video! It’s quite easy to think that cold and snow make it harder to shoot vids, but if you just take the right precaucions, you’ll get fantastic results!

Even in the coldest winters or in the darkest night, going out with your camera could become the moment you make the best video of your life! Just remember some quick tricks that could help you!

Colors, light and contrast: think in a different way!

Going through ice, snow and darkness is like getting in another dimension… you have to change your mind! Work on colors and contrast using the effect provided by the weak sun of short winter days! Create fascinating atmospheares in your videos and dance between the border that separates creepy from romantic. It could be a great challange!

photo frozen 2Looking for a subject? Keep it simple… everything can get magical!

You don’t have to search for too long to find something that deserves a good video.

Nature is the perfect subject in this case: capture the movements of some animals, combine the wind through the branches with a voice-over, take a scene in the snow with mountains on the back!

… But if you don’t have the time to take a short trip outside the city, you can always find some very beautiful spots in your town to shoot a creepy short movie!


A video is not just visual… find an emotion!

Finally, if you want your video to be special, it can’t be just what it shows!

A natural view can arouse a sense of turmoil as well as a relaxing feeling of peace; the city covered with snow can look desolating or romantic, if you want. What is the meaning of the falling sun? Is it time to rest and enjoy family or to reflect on time passing by?

As you can see there are hundreds of possibilities!

Now it’s time to get… your frozen one!

Nord Dakota // Nostalgic Strings
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  11. Paris // Catwalk
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