How to Become a Copyright Free Composer for Media

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Are you a musician? Are you able to write, record and mix your tracks? You can become a copyright free composer for media!

We are always looking for new Royalty Free Music Composer for videos, with passion for movies and… scoring for creative productions!

We don’t write pop songs: we think that our work it’s a bit harder but when you play music for videos, you are writing a part of the plot!

Soundtracks and background music are really different from pop songs cause they have a different meaning.

The goal is to write something that can be the soul of a youtube video, a slideshow or any kind of creative production. If you like that kind of work and you think you are a composer for videos, send us some stuff!



Build an Audience for Your Music! … and remember that:


For further information, send us you tracks (soundcloud link, youtube, download link) and if we think you rock, we’ll send you a draft of GoSoundtrack Composer Contract. You can also join the official Soundcloud Group for new aspiring GoSoundtrack Composers and share your tracks there!

Nord Dakota // Nostalgic Strings
  1. Nord Dakota // Nostalgic Strings
  2. Nostalgia // Nostalgic Strings
  3. Spring Is Coming // Nostalgic Strings
  4. Nancy // Toasting Tobacco
  5. The Show // Toasting Tobacco
  6. Adriatic Sea // Nostalgic Strings
  7. Fat White Animal // Toasting Tobacco
  8. New In town // Toasting Tobacco
  9. Another Drink // Toasting Tobacco
  10. Fable // Young Notes
  11. Paris // Catwalk
  12. Toy Soldier // Young Notes