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01 July 2016
Best Underwater Cameras

Best Underwater Cameras For Diving and Snorkeling

Having the best underwater camera is very important if you want to capture the amazing marine life without damaging your device. An underwater camera is usually used for snorkeling and diving. To make a targeted purchase there are several factor to consider, including the quality of the image and the price!

So let’s see the best underwater cameras on the market:

1. GoPro Hero4 Images\Video – This underwater camera has been placed among the the top 10 waterproof cameras. It can deliver an umbelievable image quality as well as image sharp. With it’s two edition, Black or Silver, GoPro Hero4 is sure one of the best choice also for the accessible price.

2. Sony DSC-RX100 III – Another excellent choiche among waterproof cameras. This very small underwater camera delivers outstanding image quality and sharpness. It is perfect for snorkeling adventures and also for other water activities.

3. Canon S100 camera – Very similar to the previous one Canon S95 but this underwater camera has a longer zoom.

4. Stylus Tough Tg-3 snorkeling camera – One of the best choice if you are planning a snorkeling tour. This underwater camera has a new sensor with improoved GPS and more focused features.

5. Olympus OM-D camera – Don’t be fooled by its small and stylish package! It brings professional level in a little but elegant device.


Explore the oceans can be a very adventurous experience and if you are luck enough to find Nemo, It’s better to have the best underwater camera!

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