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15 May 2016
4k tv

4K Tv is old. Here comes a new era for video resolution

4k TV have been overcome! Let’s talk about 4k specifics and new high resolution technology!

In general, a number followed by a K defines the number of horizontal lines that run across the screen to create a picture. A 4K TV, with its 4,096 horizontal lines, therefore, delivers more than twice the resolution of a 1080p television.

Bur there are other “Ks” to worry about:

Recently Apple announce that its entire 27-inch iMac line would offer 5K resolution. Meanwhile the major hi-tech companies are developing the 8K technology, witch will be the new standard in the future.

Nowadays one of the major roadblocks to 4K TVs is the general lack of content and the majority of broadcast television content is still delivered in 1080p. Few companies are considering delivering 4K content to movies or TVs in the near future: one of those is Netflix, that has select content available in 4K and is reportedly shooting some of its original content in native 4K.

Last but not least, in smaller displays, packing in more lines does not necessarily deliver the same visual-quality improvements that one could find in a larger screen. So the true value of 4K may only be experienced on larger screens.

Maybe it’s time to wait to buy a brand new 4k Tv?

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