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A Twist Outside the Plot

Free Download Royalty Free Music For Videos… and every other creative production!

Are you a Video Maker or a Youtube Vlogger? Maybe you are a company looking for cool music for media! And what about adding some music to a Slideshow? Then, you need Royalty Free Music!

Just listen to our compilations in the “Free Soundtracks” page and download music for your creative productions for free! every track is released under Creative Commons Attribution License.

Check out the library, play a track and if you like it, download the audio file. You can choose two audio formats: Wav,16bit/44100hz (the right one if you want to burn this music on a CD), or Aiff, 24bit/44100hz (Highest Quality).

You must be registered to GoSoundtracks in order to download tracks but hey… it’s free and simple: we only ask you a nickname and a mail! Check out the official Explainer Video and start downloading!

Still having questions about copyright licence? What does “Open” and “Free” mean?
Here is the answer. Write us if you need custom soundtracks or a voiceover! We’ll work together on something fit for the purpose.

GoSoundtrack isn’t only a music library! Discover something new in our Blog: camera’s reviews, videomaking techniques and cool movies release!

GoSoundtrack | A Twist Outside The Plot

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Emmy Awards 2016

18 Sep
20 Days19 Hrs52 Min32 Sec
Milan // Happy
  1. Milan // Happy
  2. Pleasure To Meet You // Golden Club
  3. Paris // Rock
  4. Just Me And You // Golden Club
  5. New York // Catwalk
  6. In Pulp We Trust // Golden Club
  7. London // Catwalk
  8. Sunny When You Are Sober // Golden Club
  9. Toy Soldier // Young Notes
  10. Red Wine // Golden Club
  11. Lullaby // Young Notes
  12. Dummy // Golden Club